Friday, January 5, 2018

The Year of the Dog

In the Chinese New Year zodiac - 2018 is The Year of the Dog. The image I made on the right is actually a raku fox, made by my husband, Jim. The fox seems more like a combination dog and cat. We've seen them in and around our land here in Yellow Springs. They're very shy and so beautiful. I will get a picture of one (or more) of Jim's raku dogs on here soon. Enjoy!

My Animal Attraction Revisited

Really long time no see now, but I guess I've just been busy - with life. Family health problems have come and gone (not mine) but now we're all very healthy and happy and keeping busy - doing the things we love. And one of the things I love is caring for animals. I have had lots of pets over the years but now I'm really missing our beautiful Himalayan cat named Lucy (see my painting of her below). She left us last year at the age of 14 1/2 - after a very healthy and happy life. Besides caring for my share of cats, dogs, fish, turtles and toads, etc. - I have also done a bit of pet, plant and house sitting over the years, and I'm getting back into it again. Your place or mine. I will love and care for the non-human members of your family - if he/she is friendly. Sorry, but I won't risk tending to biters or scratchers. I can groom them, walk them, and I have even done a bit of dog training in the past; no guarantees. I am also great with plants, having tended my own and worked in several green houses and garden centers for many years. I can also take in mail and newspapers, and watch your house in visits or stay-overs if you prefer. I like to travel but I'm retired now, so my time is fairly free. So if you have questions or comments - feel free to contact me here or via my email: I can send you my current rates and answer any questions you can think of. My preference, at this time, is for jobs within a 20-25 mile radius of Yellow Springs, OH, where I live. (Maybe I should have started with that). Nearby jobs (1-5 miles) include mileage; after that - we'll talk. Thanks!